How to use whatsapp on laptop 7/8/8.1/10 – 3 Easy & Safe Way

Today I will tell you 2 legal method that you can run WhatsApp easily on your laptop or desktop. believe me guys it’s very easy method and the main thing is all these methods are safe because we won’t share you how to use WhatsApp in without mobile that means this type of method is illegal.

Here is the complete guide on using WhatsApp on your laptop with infographics

complete guide on using whatsapp on your laptop


You saw in this infographic how you can use it. Now check below with complete details with step by step.

How to use WhatsApp on a laptop – Via google chrome


whatsapp web official site, scan barcode reader to use whatsapp
WhatsApp official website

  • First, open google chrome and click here whatsapp web official site and you will automatically redirect in WhatsApp official web page. and you will see the barcode there.
  • Now go to your android or ios phone and open the WhatsApp.
  • If you are android user then click the menu ( ⋮ ) and choose whatsapp web option or I-phone users go to the setting tab and click WhatsApp web option.
  • And now your camera will ready to scan the Whatsapp barcode.
  • So point out your camera in barcode and scan, then it will automatically detect your account and there we go!

2nd method


Download official Whatsapp software in your laptop

If you want to download separate WhatsApp software in your desktop so download link in below, choose your platform and click download.

if you want to use whatsapp regular in your laptop then this is the best method for you to download and use whenever you want.



3rd method for using third party software

Did you know bluestack software it’s an android emulator to play android apps and games without any mobile from this software you can play any android games and run any android apps.

Learn about more what is bluestack and how it works check here. Bluestack 4 player


Here is the complete guide on how to use WhatsApp via bluestack player

  • Download bluestack 4 latest versions here.
  • When bluestack will install completely open it, starting it will take a few time.
  • And now everything is ready to go to the search box and type “whatsapp”.
  • click whatsapp, but it will ask you enabling app store so click enable and setup. setup is very simple just like you set up the play store, you have to do this too.
  • when your account is completely config.
  • then click and install whatsapp on bluestack player.
  • fulfill your all the information and now you ready to use whatsapp.

Bluestack dashboard mow use whatsapp on pc
Bluestack player run WhatsApp easily

whenever you want to use whatsapp just go the bluestack player and use it.

all these methods are completely safe. if you don’t want to use bluestack then download official whatsapp software and use it.

if you want to use regularly then I suggest you download WhatsApp software or bluestack player.

I hope now you know How to use whatsapp on the laptop it works on major os 7/8/8.1/10. if you have any suggestion and any query then ask in the comment section I will reply and solve your problem. if you like this post so then share this post on whatsapp


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