Google Chrome Browser | latest version (76.0.3783.0)

Google Chrome is a fast, easy & clean browser. Google Chrome is also in advance in terms of safety, it will alert you when you try to access probably malicious sites. this is the most downloaded browser in the world.

Google Chrome Features

Fastest surfing internet – chrome cnet provide the fastest surfing as compare to other browsers, chrome use v8 javascript engine which is written on C++ and javascript.

Google smarts for everything –  it provides you the better result, related your search query. quick answers on your search bar, easy translation, and show next result according to your previous query.

Chrome security –we don’t know whether this site is safe or not but we surf that site, Google provides you the powerful security when you visit any bad site chrome warns you this site is not using https or any other issue. chrome also blocks unwanted popup blocks ads. read more chrome security.


  1. Fast browsing
  2. better security
  3. time to time update
  4. show better search query
  5. simple and clean


  1. consume high memory(open your taskbar and see your memory)

TitleGoogle Chrome 75.0.3770.87
Available languagesEnglish, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German
RequirementsWindows 8 64-bit,
Windows 7,
Windows XP,
Windows 10,
Windows 7 64-Bit,
Windows Vista,
Windows Vista 64-bit,
Windows 8,
Windows XP 64-bit,
Windows 2003,
Windows 10 64-bit
LicenseOpen Source

Improvements – translate any webpage instantly by selecting Translate from the menu.

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