video editing software for android
Check out popular video editing software for android

Check out popular video editing software for Android

Hey, guys today I will tell you the 5 video editing software for Android, that will help you to edit your video easily without having deep knowledge of video editing skills.

why am I saying deep knowledge because the professional video editing software is not easy for everyone first you have to put the time or effort, without effort you will not able to create an amazing video.

Because their dashboard is hard to understand that’s why they are pro.

So these apps are not so complicated you get only a few options to edit your videos. you understand easily. or it’s not heavy apps but in my opinion, at least you should have a good android phone or at least 1gb RAM minimum.

video take time to process
After editing is done but when a video takes the process to end like this

Sometimes many apps are running in the background that consumes your resources, if you will not have a good amount of RAM in your phone your app will running slow when video take to process.

If you are youtuber then this is for you best video editing app for Youtube. “try it”

So you will be able to edit very good videos with their help.

Here is the 5 best video editing software for Android

Filmora GO

Ratings on play store 4.4 

Filmora is developed by Wonder share. it’s a very popular editing app. maybe you will hear about this app already. many youtuber use this app.

it’s also available for windows and mac. if you want to download this software in your pc click here.

FilmoraGo Key Features

Mix Photos & Videos

  • You can import video clips and photo.
  • You can preview clips in real time
  • Import from social media likes Facebook or Instagram.

One click amazingness

  • Choose from stylish themes of FilmoraGo

Add Music

  • Go to the filmora library and add licensed music.
  • Upload your own favorite songs.

Export your video 

  • Export popular ratio like instagram 1:1 & youtube 16:9.

Save & share

  • Export video in HD format at any time
  • Share your works on facebook, youtube, insta, WhatsApp, Vimeo, etc

Other features

  • Reverse play, trim by duration, slow or fast motion editor, easy duplicate, mute, outstanding theme transition, filters overlay effects, titles and much more.




Ratings on play store 4.5

Kinemaster is one of the most powerful video editor available for iOS and Android devices. kinemaster support multiple layers of video, audio, image, text or effects.

you can make a high-quality video. simple interface adds title easily in video and change background music easily.

Kinemaster features

  • Multiple Layers
  • Themes
  • Effects
  • Speed Control
  • Adjustments
  • Music
  • Overlays
  • Stickers
  • Frame-by-Frame Trimming
  • Instant Preview
  • Audio Filters
  • Volume Envelope
  • Animation Styles
  • Transition Effects
  • Real-Time Recording
  • Social Media Sharing



Quik video editor

Ratings on play store 4.7

Quik is a photography and video editing app by GoPro. create stunning videos with just a few taps.

you can add transition and effects, customize your story with writing something.

another good thing you can save your video in both 720p and 1080p (HD)

Key features of Quik video editor

  1. Add up to 75 images and video clips from your gallery, album, google photos, Dropbox, Go-pro plus.
  2. Choose 23 themes, each theme with transition and graphics for any occasions, adjust fonts, filters, and the graphics to fit your videos.
  3. you can record easily, trim and rotate your photos, video clips.
  4. Personalize your story using text overlay and title slides, you can add even emojis also.
  5. support slow-motion.
  6. Add GPS stickers and check how fast you were going.
  7. 100 free song available, add song your own collection
  8. Supports MP3,MP4,MOV,M4A,AAC,FLAC,AIFF and WAV.
  9. share your videos on Instagram, facebook and more.



Adobe Premiere

Ratings on play store 3.9

Adobe Premiere is a free video editing android app. quickly you can edit a good video. It also gives you automatic video creation, Which is a good feature of it.

features of adobe premiere clip

  • Automatic video creation – you just simply choose a soundtrack and select the pace clip artfully sets your images to the beat of the music.
  • Powerful video editing – easy drag and drop your clips and images in the order that you like, trim that parts you don’t want. set visuals, lighting, transition, slow-motion effects. and sync to music lets you edit the beat of your music like a professional.
  • Sounds – choose soundtracks & add your own music.
  • easy to share – After the video is edited you can share it on twitter,fb,youtube send them to Premiere Pro CC for additional editing.



Video show editor

Ratings on play store 4.6

This app is literally amazing. this app is very fun, you will surely like.

The app is user-friendly because the interface of this app is easy. if you search on play store this app will come in 1st or second position in “video editor” keyword. this is the best video effects app you must try.

This is the best video editing app for Instagram also.

Key features of Video show editor

  1. You can edit,merge,trim,split,reverse,duplicate,blur,rotate, and create collage clips.
  2. Supports fast motion/slow motion you can adjust the speed of every video clip.
  3. You will also get video dubbing in it. you can add your own voice or sounds effects.
  4. Reverse your video, make a funny video or make your own vlog.
  5. Comes with great themes,effects,stickers,gif,memes,fonts,sounds-effect,emoji and more.



I hope you will find good video editing apps, look at all these apps are amazing and easy to use. so it depends upon you what kind of creativity you put in your video.

when you make a video be creative, You see, you will be able to edit a very good video.

If you want more features then you continue with the pro version. I forgot to say one thing you make a video for Instagram too.

Comment below which app did you like, and which app would you use for your next video?


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