alarmy app
alarmy app (sleep if you can)
Alarmy app (sleep if you can)

Hey, readers today I will talk about the most Annoying app, yes Annoying, frustrating say whatever!

this app is very weird it’s an alarm clock. it’s not a simple alarm clock. why? let’s see why it’s so weird.

Maybe this app will make your day “I’m just kidding”.

Why users love this app?

Here is the good news –  Till now 10 million + user download this app


Alarmy is developed by delighroom currently this app is rank #1 on google play store in the alarm app category. here’s made for them who are heavy sleepers and addicted to the snooze button. just like me!

this app will force you to wake up, whether how lazy you are. when the alarm will ring so you have only two option to stop this thing, break the mobile or complete your task which you selected. 4Gadgets discount codes

easy hmm? I don’t think so that’s the reason I don’t use it. because I love my phone or sleep.

“The World’s Most Annoying alarm clock app, featured by Cnet”


Main highlights of alarmy app apk

  • “Photo missions” take a photo of any object
  • “Barcode missions” take a shot of any product’s barcode
  • “Solve math problem mission” set a hard one that you can’t solve easily. many other alarm app use this features.
  • “Shake Mission” to turn off the alarm, shake your phone until you reach your preset goal to dismiss. Your body could use some exercise in the mornings! that’s good.
  • Set a loud alarm tone that force you out from your sleep.
  • you can customize by playing your own music as your alarms.

How to set an alarm in the alarmy app?

  1. Well, take a picture of a place or item where you want to turn off the alarm.
  2. When alarm clock will start ring, here is the weird part, you will have to go registered place and take an image and your alarm will stop. if you don’t do this your alarm will not stop. take an image that object which far from you.
  3. Shake your phone until the task is not completed.

Shaking Task

alarmy shaking task
Shaking task how this feature work

Solve Maths Problem

alarmy task Solve maths problems
Solve maths problems

Image Of Any Object

alarmy tasks
Take an image of any object

Image source – official alarmy site



what do you think about this app tell me your opinion in the comment section because? it really helps you to go to your office and school early. literally really useful app I really appreciate delight room team to create this useful app for us!


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